Installed Body Prices

10' X 7 30/36 Box Dump Call
10' X 7 36/42 Box Dump Call
14' X 8' Flat Call
16' X 8' Flat Call
12'-16' X Flat Dump Call
15 1/2' Box Dump' w/Air PTO, Air Tailgate, Electric Tarp, and 1/4' Floor Call
Call for pricing for PTO on Automatic Transmissions
We will install bodies on one of our chassis or we will install them on your chassis.


24" Solid Steel Removable Sides and Tailgate Call
1/2 Cab Shield Call
15 Ton Pintle Hitch Call
25 Ton Pintle Hitch Call
Semi-auto Tarp Assembly Call
Shorten C. A. on Single Axle Truck Call
All Type of Frame Alteration Available Call
Console Controls Call
Air Tailgate Call
Install In-dash Air Conditioning Call
Delivery Service to Anywhere in the U.S. Call

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